BRAVO 25 Roberts Four Season | Altoona PA

Increased Productivity and & Profit

Bravo 25 (Model 25-101 & 25-201) are commercial mowers designed and built to increase the productivity of commercial users while keeping the weight and handling characteristics similar to traditional 21" commercial mowers. The Bravo 25 is covered by a comprehensive 1-year warranty policy as the mower is designed and built to hold up to the toughest commercial conditions. The Bravo 25 has a very reasonable initial purchase price and provides an outstanding dollar value for the commercial user.

Superior Maneuverability

The Bravo 25 design is focused on easy and quick maneuverability with low overall weight, excellent front to back balance, and most importantly a narrowed top handle. The Bravo 25 is a hi-vac rear bagging lawnmower with excellent bagging performance and outstanding mulching capabilities. The high vacuum steel deck design provides superior quality of cut.The Bravo 25 has a large capacity catcher that is very easy to get on and off. It fills completely without clogging even in damp grass. The large capacity means fewer stops on each property.

Professional Features

The Bravo 25 competes in the 26" commercial lawn mower class. The Bravo 25 offers greatly improved productivity versus traditional 21" commercial mowers.The Bravo 25 adds an extra 15% in cutting productivity as compared to 21" commercial mowers. Since the weight of the Bravo 25 is similar to a typical 21" commercial mower, you gain the cutting performance of a larger unit, while still enjoying the user friendliness of a lightweight and nimble handling mower. 

Kawasaki or Honda Engine

The Bravo 25 BBC is a lightweight 25" commercial lawnmower powered by either a Kawasaki FJ or a Honda GXV commercial engine and has a 2-speed heavy duty transmission that is fastest in its class. Either engine has plenty of power and are well proven in the commercial landscape industry. The Bravo 25 Kawasaki & Honda engines are also covered by a full 2-year commercial use warranty. 

  • Powered by Honda or Kawasaki Engines

  • 25" cutting deck (15%+ productivity improvement vs. 21" mowers)

  • 117lbs (similar to competitors' 21" mowers)

  • BBC (Blade Brake Clutch) safety and convenience package

  • Belt driven blade spindle isolates the engine crankshaft from potential damage

  • Mulch plug included with the Bravo 25 mower